Friday, January 14, 2011

What the HE double hockey sticks??!!!

Well Wednesday was supposed to be weigh in day but because of the record setting blizzard CT was hit with on Wednesday, Todd and I didn't go anywhere. Todd tried to go to work but quickly returned home realizing if it was as bad as it was at 8am he couldn't imagine how much worse it could get. Todd did admit "the wife was right." Wait what? You didn't hear him.

Todd said, "The wife was right". There it is ladies, proof! It's been documented. :) Love ya sweetheart.

So back to WW matters. I reported to my weekly meeting yesterday. I was so excited to stand in line. I could feel a big loss coming. I just knew it. I stood so proud in line with a big smile on my face. Next thing I knew, it was my turn to step on the scale.

So I handed over my weight tracker and monthly pass, signed my name in on the monthly pass log. Stepped on the scale and relaxed. Next thing I heard...."up a little this week". WHAT??!!! I bent at the waist to just to see how much and was in disbelief when I saw +1.2! I was ready for freak out mode. My smile quickly went to a frown. I started insisting that the scale was not right in my head. (I would never tell the lovely ladies who put the meetings on that though). There is no way that after all the exercise and tracking that I did this past week that I had a gain.

I decided to stay for the meeting. I was officially depressed and in a rut. I texted Todd and he couldn't believe it either. I didn't even pay attention to a word the meeting leader was saying. I was running through my week in my head. Did I really exercise enough? Did I drink all my water? Did I really track correctly?

Whatever! A new week is here and I'm back to the basics of measuring, tracking and exercising. I guess I should reset my goal while I'm at it.

NEW GOAL: By the end of January....loose 5 pounds.


  1. Go easy on yourself! I'm up 4 lbs today...def did not gain 4 lbs just retaining water I'm sure. It may not be a weight gain it could just be water and things!!! Good job so far!! And, I LOVE the new WW program! It rocks!! Great choice! let me know if you need any advice or support....I'm starting a message board for a support group and to give advice and help! |
    Nice to "meet" you!

  2. Been there done that! I am contemplating buying a food scale to be more precise with everything. I love that you are not dwelling on it and are committed to just going again!

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies! I have to do update because last week was a great week scale wise. I've been busy preparing for my father in law's retirement party. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to post.