Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 1:

Well, the time has finally come in my life. I'm not getting any younger. I'll be 30 next month and I've done nothing with my life since getting married back in 2006. I've decided to start a blog to keep me responsible and motivated to stay on track. If I have followers, great! I'd love to hear other's stories, encouragement, and/or critiques.

I've been doing Weight Watchers since June and I've only lost 15 pounds. Starting today, I'll be focusing on being dedicated to the plan. No more well I'll get back on focus tomorrow. No! Everyday I will be on plan. I'm sure there will be days where I have a slip up which I know is ok but I'm not going to totally blow the day and think everything is a failure.

I look forward to the day when I can wear normal sized clothes and I don't have to go into Lane Bryant. I hope to be successful that I can go into any store and try anything on and have it look good on me. But my ultimate goal in loosing the weight is to become a mother. My past OB/GYN said to me at my last exam that a RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) would never see or treat me at my weight. I guess that's been enough motivation.

I hope to share other aspects of my life as the days go on so stay tuned.

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