Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So I go to weigh in tonight and what happens......a 2 lb gain! I was in shock. I must of said "are you kidding me?!" really loud because the meeting was all of the sudden quiet. (I forgot to post last week that I lost 2.2 lbs [total of -24]). So as of today I'm -22. I went to the gym immediately to walk and do the elliptical. I spent 30 minutes doing each of the machines' weight loss programs.
I decided while I was walking it was the scale. It had to be. Was WW sabotaging me? Of course not! There's no way but I had to check. I stepped onto the scale and was mystified again. The scale at the gym read the same thing.
How on earth could this be! In the past week, I've done 6 elliptical workouts, 3 zumba classes, 2 walking workouts and 4 days of toning. It makes no sense. Could this week be the week Aunt Flo decides to show up? My friend blames the heatwave we're having as if we're retaining water (she had a gain as well).
I just have to keep pushing. I have to get this weight off me. I've started articles to start writing a grant for work while on the treadmill and elliptical and I came across an review about Gestational Weight Gain (GWG). The numbers of how many woman who are considered obese based on their BMI and become pregnant is alarming. However, studies have shown lifestyle modifications prior and during prenatal care in women who are obese have been beneficial to the point that these women tend to loose 6-8 kgs (12-16 lbs) more than woman who are considered to have normal prenatal BMIs.
The article was also confident that exercise throughout pregnancy is beneficial. This is crucial for me. My RE suggested that if I were to be pregnant that I be cautious with the amount of exercise I do. Now...of course I'd have to probably give up Zumba during a pregnancy but I don't see why I couldn't walk. This particular article supports walking in pregnant woman to maintain a healthy GWG.
Tomorrow is a new day. I'm not going to let this gain get me down. I just have to keep pushing and know that all my hard work should eventually catch up with me.