Friday, January 28, 2011

Getting my groove back?!

Morning! Holy cow have I been busy! This past week, Todd and I have been busy preparing for my father in-law's surprise retirement party. It's this Sunday and we're doing all the prep for about 60 people. The Italian in me is really coming out because I'm worried we don't have enough food. So I keep adding things to the menu. :)
I've also been zumba-ing my butt off for the past 2 weeks! Todd bought me the ZUMBA for the playstation 3 (he wanted the playstation move bundle so he could play other games.) I have been addicted to it! I started off doing 3 20 minute sessions or classes. Now I've been doing a class and a 45 minute challenge on-line. I just have to say....I love you Playstation & ZUMBA. You have made loosing weight so much fun for me!!!!
The best news....are you ready for this! In the past 2 weeks, I've lost 4.4 lbs for a total weight loss of 17.6 lbs! I am sooooo excited. Finally some progress since my non-chalant attitude during the holiday season. I even am starting to notice some results, my pants in the waist and legs are a little looser.
Has anyone heard about the amount of snow we've had in CT? We're breaking all sort of records this year. I just heard at Bradley Internation Airport 77.13 inches have been reported for this winter season. Dude! I'm 62 (almost 63 inches). But you know what bring it on mother nature! I spent all day yesterday (after receiving 12 more inches) shoveling and chopping ice off the driveway. My arms, back and legs are killing me but the workout I got from shoveling all morning long is well worth it to me! Anyone have a driveway they need shoveled? :)
Oh! By the way, someone needs to remind me to post a picture. I have to show you the pairs of pants I had to get rid of because they were too big. I couldn't believe I thought about wearing them. They were practically falling off the other day.

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