Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Biggest Loser Final & WW Weigh In Anticipation

Did you see the Biggest Loser last night!? Holy cow. What a transformation! Talk about inspiration. Hannah, Oliva and I all have the same body type. Well they both had...I still do but I'm working on it. I'm tempted to print out pictures of their transformations and keep them posted someplace but that's a little crazy stalker like, right? I would love to be in the 120s someday....probably not in 5 months though. That's a little unrealistic. I've always wondered how the Biggest Loser contestants maintain when they're not on the ranch but in real life again. Yes, they follow their diets and go to the gym. But seriously, they can't be spending 8+ hours a day working out when they're back home.

Today is weigh in day at WW! Like I said on Monday...I am siked. The gym kept me truthful to what I eat and how much work I am putting into this. I'll be back with the results. :)

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